About us

KJ Art Studio

Our company prides itself on a thorough work experience in the field of Interior Design and related furnishings. Realizes scenic design for theaters and television studios, designs and refurbishes settings to create specific styles for  private studios, embassies, churches, private chapels, hotels, restaurants and pubs and offices.

 In the field of Interior artistic finishing touches we carry out the following activities:

  • Expert on site inspection for cost estimate and preparatory sketches.
  • Patinated, marbled and gilded walls and ceiling.
  • Typical pictorial decorations on walls, ceilings and floors with various supports such as canvas and table.
  • Classical and modern personalized  “trompe l’oeil” on walls and ceilings realized   on-site or off-site with canvas and table to apply on the intended surface.
  • Restoration of decorated vintage ceilings and walls in old buildings.
  • Design and creation of furnishings.
  • Design and sketches about artistic works made by third parties.
  • Design and creation of artistic scenography works.