Cesi Reproduction

Decoration ceiling’s central plafond and division squares with a reproduction of part of Carlo Cesi’s fresco. Carlo Cesi, follower of Pietro Da Cortona (Antrodoco, ‘600) in the Palazzo Boncompagni Corcos in Rome, who was inspired by the painting of Annibale Carracci, in the Galleria Borghese in Rome, titled: “Bacchus’ wedding procession”. Dionysus on the chariot shows the Auroboros, symbol of cyclical repetition. Time that through the Seasons repeats its cycle and dominates events or Love that through its seasonal fruits generates prosperity? The work of art is featured by Grotesque polychrome decorations animated by sylphs, loves, angels and funny faces on a clear ivory background. The mixed antique earth tempera has been realized directly on the ceiling surface and finished with an antique effect light earth shadow.