Conference Room

Decoration ex novo in "Renaissance" style. The ceiling painted with ''Grotesque'' polychrome decoration on the various rhomboidal, rectangular and square parts of the ceiling on a micaceous gold and Prussian blue color surface with Griffons in gold "stucco” effect alternated with "trompe l'oeil" of mythological figures of the "Virtues", on various large areas of the ceiling. The decoration of the ceiling’s perimeter band with polychrome "corrimidietro" of acanthus leaves, ribbons and rosettes. Decoration of the moldings frames with “gold leaf” technique, fixed with shellac and antique patina. The gilding was completed on site. The decoration on the ceiling’s central panel was reproduced from the higher Fresco in the central hall of "Villa Loschi" in Vicenza (Italy), entitled:" Allegory of Virtues, Fortitude, Temperance, Justice and Truth", performed theatrically by " Tiepolo", with characters portrayed in bright colors in dramatic vanishing points prospective. The pictorial decoration was realized in earth powder colors, mixed with rabbit skin glue following the classical technique. Decoration ex novo in "Grotesque" polychrome of six splays of the room’s windows: decorative motif was painted with acanthus leaves on an ivory background with mythological Griffins in gold "monochrome". The work of art was not performed on site. It was prepared on linen canvas with an ancient primer technique with"gypsum bologna" and "rabbit skin glue" on the ceiling’s various internal areas, perimeter band and central panel. The above-mentioned canvases were applied on the ceiling and walls with "rise glue" artfully spread.