Grotesque Ceiling

The pictorial decoration of the 7.10 mm x 3.70 mm ceiling, with a 21 mm pre-existing perimeter stucco frame, was designed with central oblong panel of 4mm x 2.50 mm enclosed by a 13 mm stucco frame applied together with the completed pictorial decoration. The work of art was realized ex novo with a bright polychromic “oil color” technique on a light ivory background with rich grotesques motifs of lively Putti, flower garlands and scenes of characters in "chinoiserie". The perimeter portion of the central box was hatched with antique green tempera. The final phase was completed with an umber color coating applied by hand beating. The pictorial decoration was realized following the presented sketch off site. The work of art performed on a linen canvas applied with "rice glue" spread on the surface, with a fixative coating. The plaster frame around the central panel and the perimeter plaster frame were decorated with a technique in "gold leaf" fixed with shellac antique and finished with an umber color coating.