Cosmic Concert

Trompe l’oeil mixed technique painting: 210 x 290 cm. 

The work of art is realized on a black-blue background that highlights the many gold decorations and characters that animate the scene. 

The painting’s contour frame is composed by a curvilinear trabeation held on the corners by tall Crystal columns with small elves playing inside. Two angel-generating machines are positioned next to the transparent columns: golden cubes with an enormous hourglass that displays the angel “germination”. Two faceted diamond eggs, suspended over the machines, emitting via laser beams two beautiful angels: the defined one is body and matter and the undefined one astral body. They invite the spectator through their dances to participate to the cosmic concert. They introduce the spectator into the Golden light perspective of the “Sacred Mountain” that is reflected on a laser floor escaping towards the horizon. A peacock, on the side of the right column, symbolizing man’s “Resurrection” through an angel, silently observing, as the “Guardian of the Threshold, seated at “Right of the Father”, the unfolding “Miracle”. A panther on the left side of the column, symbolizing man’s “Animality ” that prevails over his spiritual qualities, awaiting for the moment to attack “Inner Peace”. 

At the center a descendant throne, decorated in black and white marble and mirror intarsias; two playful elves, on the sides, holding two diaphanous cherubs blowing their threadlike flutes together with two angels seated above. 

Michael Jackson the king of pop, is seated on the Music throne: a modern “Archangel Michael”, crowned by two flying putti, joyfully offering the spectator the red rose of “Love”, as a “Command Call” against the Dragon (Demon), inside ourselves, who we must fight throughout our life. 

In front of the protagonist the “Eternal Child”, his Alter Ego, raising his arm in a sign of “Victory”, among young girls’ Innocence dance, symbolizing pure souls.