"Dolce" Restaurant

The work of art was carried out at the entrance of the glamour venue “Dolce” in the African neighborhood of Rome from the entrepreneurial idea of Luca Piperno and David Mayer Naman. The restaurant, that was inaugurated on November 15-2011, drew inspiration from the Disney animation cartoon “Ratatouille”, immersed in a typical French brasserie atmosphere. The magical atmosphere is represented in a canvas of a fantastic banquet with animals who taste rich tasty sweets among bold amusements and blinking blown as by enchantment with cloud vision of oneiric “black and white” from the hands of the protagonist “Alice” accompanied by a silent rabbit, both on the front and to the side of the scene. The Work of art was realized on a canvas prepared and painted in the studio and subsequently applied with “rice glow” on the chosen wall. The pictorial technique used on a black-blue setting in an acrylic white has been concluded with fixative.