Panini Reproduction

These two decoration panels have been inspired by Gian Paolo Panini’s “Architectural Capriccio” of ruins and modern building of the first half of the 17th century. The perspective illusion interprets the beauties of Rome in an idyllic serenity. One canvas is partly a reproduction of the “Ruins of the Pyramid of Cestia and the Statue of Venus Callipyge”(1725, London): the Statue of Venus Callipyge is on the right side and close to her leaning on the parapet a woman observing from a distance a group of soldiers and a group of people, on the right side the Pyramid of Cestia. The second canvas is partly a reproduction of the “Architectural Capriccio with the temple of Antoninus and Faustina” (1725, London): the Statue of Hercules Farnese under the columns of the Massenzio Basilica and a man seated next to a group of people, on the right, a woman drawing water from the fountain. The oil painting was realized on a canvas that was subsequently enclosed in an antique frame.