Show Room

The coffered ceiling decorated with “silver and gold” technique in blue squares. In the background wall a “trompe l’oeil” painted on the classical colonnade on a “massonic” chessboard pavement. The “tempera” technique was marbled and glossed on the first gesso columns. The pavement at the center of the room was decorated by applying a central canvas representing a famous “crop circle”: “The calendar clock” of 2014. The trompe l’oeil around the canvas, painted on the bouquet itself, rotates in a game of cubes and spheres in an open space, seem to reconnect in a modern “Stargate”. The tempera technique used with inclusions of “silver and gold leaves” was finished with a mirror polished “resin” coating. 

"The Calendar Clock"(Wiltshire, England 13-8-2004) is a drawing on the crop, "crop message" about a "New Level "of Awareness: the end of the Fourth sun according to the ancient Maya-Aztec prophecy. It resembles a big Calendar-clock, with the time displayed in four different equivalent groups days, hours and minutes along the circumference that enclosed the central part of the sun shining in its androgynous bipolar power. Like a moving mechanism of a Cosmic clock (similar to the Stone-calendar in National Museum of Mexico City). The world is 5,125 years old and currently corresponds to thirteen baktuns: each baktun cycle lasts 394 years. The four areas represent 5,200 years each; ten boxes represent 520 years each and some other 10 internal boxes represent 52 years each. Inside the sun’s wings we read 20 subtle lines, symbolic counting 20x20 used by the Maya; inside the wings 12 morbid lines: the 13th is getting closer. The design is a “pictorial math” scheme. The “mixed” pictorial technique of resins, tempera color, gold and silver leaves and inclusions of metals and stone in the table. The work was completed with Fixative mixed with glass powder.