Club House

Ex novo painting of the walls with ten walnut wood squares decorated with hunting scenes in the Roman Countryside. All the scenes have been reproduced from Roman countryside painters such as Coleman, Sartorio and Quaedvlieg. They have been painted on the canvases, and inserted in paneled walls with fox hunting scenes along the Ancient Appian Way: the ruins of tomb of Caecilia Metella, and the various Roman Aqueducts, or glades in the quiet spruce forest, or the fountain lavatories etc. The popular rifle hunting or horseback hunting took place in the Tiburtini and Ruffi Mountains and were organized by representatives of the nobility, dressed in red redingote, top-hats and riding-crops, with dogs and poachers during fox hunting. The work was made outside of the site, on linen canvas prepared with an ancient technique of paint primer. The pictorial decorations were made with mixed techniques: tempera colors for background painting and oil colors in the “chiaroscuro” phase. The decoration was completed with an umber color coating applied by hand beating. The application of the canvas to the parietal panel was completed on the intended place with "rice glue" spread on the wooden surface prepared with fixative. The coffered walnut wood ceiling: decorations with acanthus leaf in “gold leaf” technique on 70 panels of the ceiling and 42 boxes of the boiserie, lacquering, washable paint coating, preparation mission, leaf fixing, antique shellac finishing touch.