Decoration ex novo in "New Renaissance" style of a perimeter band with an interplay of frames in acanthus leaves and “stucco effect” metopes with inclusions of landscapes and festive putti. The work of art was performed on a canvas prepared with ancient “gesso di bologna” and "rabbit skin glue" technique. The initial “sinopia” decoration was hatched with pigments of earth colors powder. Modality of execution: drawings on "partchment" paper, "pouncing", sinopia on the canvas drawings, preparation of the various colors, painting of the background and shading of various molded frames, medallions supported by "Putti" containing various landscapes. The Doric capitals, young women shaped-metopes and the moldings were decorated with ivory and gold “stucco” effect on the entire band. The decoration was completed with a light earth shadow coating to convey a feeling of antique applied by hand beating. The decorated canvas was applied on the intended surface with "rice glue". Painted decoration ex novo of the coffered ceiling with “faux bois” technique: two coatings of "cementite", grouting, sanding, fixative, one coating of yellow ochre color, decorations in "faux bois", final fixative and antique coating .The mouldings of the ceiling’s boxes were decorated with shining effect gold micaceous. The work of art was performed on site.